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Discover our COFFEES


A double dose of power for an exceptional energy drop. It will stimulate you with its taste and it works immediately.

Available in 70 ml size.


Espresso served with a dash of milk.

Fun fact: "Macchiato" is an Italian word meaning “marked” or “stained”, which leads to the name “espresso stained with milk.”

Available in 70 ml size.


A freshly brewed espresso with plenty of hot, frothed milk.

Fun fact: Coffee with frothed milk cools down about 20% slower than regular black coffee.

Available in two sizes: 210 ml and 420 ml.


Espresso-based coffee with frothed milk and delicate milk foam.

Fun fact: The name “cappuccino” comes from the Capuchin Order - because it looks like a hood of their brown habit. The Austrian equivalent of cappuccino is the “Capuchin”.


Chocolate sister of the popular latte. Aromatic and intense, with the addition of milk and chocolate.

Fun fact: The name “mocha” comes from the port of Mocha in Yemen, where the coffee with a chocolate flavour and aroma comes from.

Available in two sizes: 210 ml and 420 ml.

Flat white
Aromatic and stimulating coffee.

Espresso-based coffee with frothed milk and delicate milk foam.

Available in three sizes: 210 ml, 300 ml and 420 ml.

Classic black coffee with milk

Black coffee with hot milk. The best companion for a long road.

Fun fact: Our body takes caffeine much slower when we add milk to coffee.

Available in three sizes: 210ml, 300ml and 420 ml.


Cocoa and chocolate-based milk drink.

Perfect as a coffee substitute or as a liquid snack for children.

Available in 210 ml and 420 ml sizes.

What makes our coffee

A rich aroma from a special blend of Arabica and Robusta.
A unique flavour available at MOYA stations only.
By choosing a coffee at MOYA stations, you contribute to saving rainforests.
Coffee is served from professional, top-quality coffee machines.
A wide selection of your favourite coffee types - espresso, macchiato, latte, cappuccino, mocha, flat white, Americana and white coffee.

Where do we get our coffee from?

The coffee available at MOYA petrol stations is Emeraude, characterised by a rich aroma and unique taste. Its essence is a blend of Arabica and Robusta prepared especially for the MOYA network. Selected beans come from the crops of several countries around the world – Brazil, Vietnam and Nicaragua. This makes the taste of this drink unique and not available anywhere else.
In addition, customers who choose coffee at MOYA petrol stations contribute to saving the planet. Part of the profits generated from the sale of each coffee will return to the environment, where the coffee is grown. The funds are used to grow and protect biodiverse rainforest areas. In cooperation with the World Land Trust, the coffee supplier to MOYA stations took under its wing the South America’s most endangered ecosystems.

Discover our TEAS

Which one will you choose?

The choice is yours, depending on your mood and time of day. Perfect for breakfast or to warm yourself up on colder days.

  • Black, aromatic Earl Grey
  • Warming raspberry tea
  • Delicate green tea
All teas are available in 210 ml and 420 ml sizes.