Time for lunch?

Hungry? Thirsty?
It’s time to visit our lunch zone. 

Beef Burger

Belly-filling burgers will satisfy every hunger!

Juicy beef, fried bacon, Gouda cheese, and Swedish salad. Accompanied by: American sauce, Lollo Bionda lettuce, red onion and tomato; all this enclosed in a crispy wheat-rye mini-bread.

The offer availability may vary by station.

30 cm Pizza

Italian style!

Delicious, crunchy and baked on the spot. Four original compositions to choose from:
  • 450 g PEPPERONI pizza 
  • 490 g CAPRICCIOSA pizza 
  • 470 g FARMERSKA pizza  
  • 440 g MARGHERITA pizza  

American set

Chicken tenderloin served with French fries

Juicy chicken tenderloin is an easy way to get a quick snack on the way to work or on vacation with the family.

Everyone will love the crispy batter and the juicy inside of the poultry fillet.  

Polish style dumplings

250 g portion

A classic of Polish cuisine. The world-famous dumplings in two flavours. Perfect for every palate.
  • 250 g meat dumplings
  • 250 g Russian dumplings

French fries

Crispy and golden

An ideal addition to meals or as a solo snack. With ketchup, mayonnaise or any other sauce available at Caffe MOYA.