Sweet moment


More than just a chocolate

Can chocolate be even more chocolaty? It would seem not, and yet! A classic brownie proves that it is possible to add more twist to the chocolate to get even more out of it.

Chocolate muffin

E.Wedel muffin

E.Wedel muffin will spoil you with the combination of the delicate dough and delicious creamy chocolate filling with dark E. Wedel chocolate.

Chocolate coated cookie

Nuts and seeds

Or maybe something lighter?

Crunch nuts and seeds combined with honey, sprinkled with chocolate.

Chocolate donut

E.Wedel donut

E.Wedel donut is a sweet combination of a perfect donut cake with a filling known from the iconic E. Wedel product – chocolate Czekotubka [Chocolate Cream Pouch]. 

The whole is complemented by a unique decoration with Wedel, milk chocolate and chocolate flakes. 

The donut is free from preservatives and hardened fats.