Fuel card

MOYA Firma fuel card is an ideal 
solution for each company, regardless 
of the number of vehicles in the fleet.

Mobile application

MOYA Firma mobile application was 
created for customers who use 
MOYA Firma fuel cards.

MOYA firma

Everything, a fleet should have! The smaller and the larger fleet.

Register your company and join MOYA Firma fleet customers! In addition to aggregate invoices, you will also get fuel discounts throughout the MOYA network in Poland. 

Check out below what benefits you can get participating in the MOYA Firma programme or go straight to the registration of your company and enjoy all privileges. 


SAVING - means attractive prices and fixed fuel discounts: 2 grosze per litre of Diesel [ON] and Pb95 petrol at self-service MOYA express petrol stations 5 groszy per litre of Diesel [ON], Pb95 and Pb98 petrol and 2 grosze per litre of LPG at MOYA express petrol service stations Poland-wide.
CONVENIENCE - aggregate invoicing as per the selected cycle; an option to authorise transactions via the MOYA Firma mobile application. 
FULL CONTROL - online access to detailed transaction reports; an option allowing to personalise cards and purchase limits.
SAFETY - personal data protection and transaction safety.
FAST PAYMENTS - fuel limit update within minutes once the transfer is made
PERSONALISATION – assigning cards and purchase limits
REACH - almost 380 stations across Poland.

MOYA firma 
fleet card

The card is accepted at all MOYA network stations - accounting for almost 380 locations, of which more than 20 are automatic stations located along the main transport routes intended for fleet customers only.

MOYA Firma mobile application

MOYA Firma application supports managers in managing vehicle fleets, and enables drivers to make fast payments at MOYA petrol stations, and not only.

Click on the QR code and install the application on your phone.

Thanks to the individual authorisation of the user assigned to a given fleet card, the solution provides a high level of security and all the security features offered by a smartphone (including e.g., a fingerprint reader). The application is available to Android, iOS and HarmonyOS system users.

Advantages of the application:

Advantages of the application for a fleet owner:
  • Real-time access to finances, allowing you to increase control over expenses and facilitate transactions,
  • Efficient finance management,
  • Payments for the invoices from the fast payment level,
  • Access to transactions at any time intervals,
  • An option to manage the driver card,
  • High level of safety.
Advantages of the application for drivers:
  • Payments for fuel filling without MOYA Firma card at all MOYA stations,
  • Purchase of all types of fuel available at the given station as well as AdBlue and windshield washer fluid – available on the card,
  • Access to navigation and a map with MOYA stations
  • Fast service at MOYA stations,
  • No need to carry a physical MOYA Firma card with you.

Download the application!

Scan the QR code or download the application by clicking the button below.

The application will install automatically, depending on your operating system.

Any questions?

Want to learn more?

Our sales department will answer all your questions. If you have not yet decided to participate in the MOYA Firma programme, contact your representative and get the necessary information.