International reach with 
TFC powered by MOYA card.

The card is accepted
- at 8 000 petrol stations
- in 18 European countries

Who is the card for?

Check, if you can use the TFC cards!

For carriers who fill up fuel not only in Poland, we have an offer of international TFC powered by MOYA fuel cards. With this fuel card, you can better plan and optimise your fleet traffic abroad.

Advantages, your company can enjoy,
using the TFC powered by MOYA cards:

Aggregate invoicing
Possibility to settle tolls in Europe
International excise duty and VAT refund
8 000 affiliated stations
in 18 European countries
The offer guarantees one fixed price for a given country for 7 days

Any questions?

Want to learn more?

Our sales department will answer all your questions. If you have not yet decided to participate in the MOYA Firma programme, contact your representative and get the necessary information.