Offer and services

Together, with your needs along the way
MOYA petrol stations are much more than just fuel. Most customer service locations feature convenience stores and Caffe MOYA food and beverage concepts. In addition, many stations also offer such solutions as, for example, car washes, vacuum cleaners, compressors, and LOTTO offices, or parcel pick-up points and many, many more. The scope of services at MOYA stations is being constantly expanded

Come and see what the nearest MOYA station has to offer! 


Car Wash

Vacuum Cleaner


Free Internet access

A vast majority of MOYA petrol stations offer free Wi-Fi access to their customers. 

Thanks to this, people whose work involves frequent travelling, can easily check emails or hold a teleconference over an aromatic coffee. 

Room for parents with 
a child

Caring for the families traveling with children, we have provided them with special rooms equipped with changing tables and other necessary accessories. 

Specially assembled rooms for parents with children are available at selected MOYA petrol stations. 

A hanger for motorcyclist helmet

MOYA stations are fully comfortable and ergonomic for all travellers, so we decided to assemble special hangers for motorcycle helmets in our facilities.