Better performance, 
less fuel consumption.

Less fuel consumption up to 4% 
Controlled quality 
More engine power 


ON MOYA Power is a fuel which formula was developed in cooperation with the Krakow Oil and Gas Institute. This is a research facility, subordinate to the Minister of Economy, which since 1945 has been conducting intensive activities for the domestic oil and gas mining industry, and can boast numerous patents and inventions.

The ON MOYA Power fuel additive package includes:
  • detergents that restore and maintain the cleanliness of the injectors, 
  • anti-foaming ingredients, 
  • an inhibitor that protects against corrosion, 
  • lubricating component, preventing fuel pumps seizure, 
  • deodoriser, eliminating unpleasant odours, 
  • stabiliser, improving fuel stability, 
  • a depressant, for an easy engine starting at low temperatures. 
Increase cetane numbers can also reduce fuel consumption and increase engine power.

The results of using the refined ON MOYA Power fuel, are already visible after several fillings. This is because the process of deposit formation on the injectors and the fuel system, is then reversed. Ultimately, ON MOYA Power can restore the efficiency of the fuel system and engine to factory performance. Greater engine power goes hand in hand with noticeably lower fuel consumption, by approx. 3-4% on average. Refined diesel fuel makes engine quieter and reduces the emission of harmful exhaust gases into the environment. While, a special package of winter additives improves the cold filter blocking temperature and additionally facilitates starting when the temperature is very low.

The ON MOYA POWER fuel, coming also in a special winter version, is available at selected MOYA petrol stations, bearing a special icon on the pylon and at the dispensers.
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