MOYA Vineyard

In the MOYA Vineyard concept,
 you can find a diverse and rich offer 
of wines from around the world, 
carefully selected for every occasion.

Where do we get our wines from? 

In the MOYA Vineyard concept, you can find a diverse and rich offer of wines from around the world, carefully selected for every occasion. 

To meet the needs of customers and based on their preferences and declarations, the best experts, commissioned by MOYA, prepared a selection of wines perfect for specific occasions. It is the tradition and experience combined with ongoing inspiration by new trends, that makes MOYA strive today to provide the best quality products at attractive prices. 

At MOYA Vineyard, consumers can find wines selected to be tasted when eating meals (cooking), for romantic evenings (for two), when meeting with friends (meetings) and those that can serve as a perfect gift (gifts). Each of the shelves is marked with a special label, so the choices made are the right ones.

The offer will be available at selected MOYA stations throughout Poland.

In our vineyard, you will find 
unique wine flavours only