Change for the better.

As part of the cooperation, we provide 
franchise partners with exterior 
and interior visual identity of the station.

Signage and equipment of the MOYA station

The MOYA brand is very well received by the customers, who know that it is synonymous with the best quality, a very high standard of customer service and affordable prices. When joining the network, our Partners also get the design for furnishing the station’s sale room and the Caffe MOYA food and beverage concept, which ensures the maximisation of sales revenues as well as the introduction and implementation of modern merchandising principles.


As part of the cooperation, we provide our franchise partners with the interior and exterior visual identity of the station – uniform for the entire retail network of fuel sale.


The first impression is the key. Recognisable brand, a modern and well-lit building and a well-kept and aesthetic space inspire the trust of drivers.


The interiors of MOYA stations are designed with all details in mind. Both partners and customers value the uniform look of the stores and Caffe MOYA food and beverage concepts.


Caffe MOYA concept assumes visible signage of the food and beverage zone, both outside and inside the station.

A recognisable logo with positive connotations and numerous media guarantee that every driver will easily recognise that at this station, they can always get a delicious coffee and belly-filling snacks.


High-quality store products with MOYA logo are a source generating additional profits for the station owners. The offer includes the popular MOYA Energia energy drink, eco-friendly windshield washer fluids in summer and winter versions, as well as lighters and hanging car fresheners.