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We offer a wide assortment of food and chemical products.

MOYA offers not only excellent-quality fuel at reasonable prices, but also a wide assortment of food and chemical products. MOYA logo signature goods are very popular among petrol station customers who happen to visit us on a regular basis to buy them. Feel welcome to find out more about the offer of MOYA brand and to try our products.

 Our products

MOYA logo signature goods

MOYA summer windshield washer fluid

Cleans the glass of dirt, dead insects, dust, rain stains and road sediment. It leaves the glass crystal clear, shiny, and prevents the deposition and penetration of impurities into the glass.

MOYA winter windshield washer fluid

It works well even in temperatures down to -22ºC. It has a pleasant smell, effectively removes dirt, salt, ice and all road sediments. MOYA winter windshield washer fluid protects the windshield washer system against freezing, does not leave stains or streaks.

MOYA energy

Our energy drink is the most recognisable product of the MOYA brand. It has a classic taste and a high caffeine content – as much as 32 mg / 100 ml. It is available in 250ml and 500ml cans.

MOYA water

Our natural mineral water. MOYA water is available in two variants: carbonated and non-carbonated and in two packages: 0.5 and 1.5 litres.

Hanging fresheners

The new MOYA collection of scented hanging fresheners offers the most popular scents loved by drivers: Citrus Fresh, Vanilla, New Car and Classic. Long-lasting and efficient fragrance, modern packaging and dynamic, geometric patterns, based on the colours and graphic motifs characteristic of the MOYA brand, are the basic features of these products.

MOYA lighters

New lighter line is a step towards customers who, in addition to the practicality of everyday objects, value also style and design. Clipper brand lighters feature unique and original prints designed especially for the MOYA network by the recognised artist - Szymon Chwalisz.

MOYA fruit juices

MOYA fruit juices are a great source of vitamins and effectively quench thirst. They are a perfect choice not only for drivers but also for younger passengers. They come in two most popular juice flavours in Poland: apple and orange. You can spot them on the shelf easily thanks to the colourful label and handy shaped glass bottle. The juices come in 200 ml capacity.

MOYA energy bars

MOYA energy bars come in two variants: energy (covered with white muesli chocolate with nuts, coconut, banana, guarana, caffeine and ginseng) and protein (raspberry flavour of easily digestible whey proteins combined with milk chocolate).

MOYA fruit jellies

MOYKI are exceptionally tasty sweet snacks, but also great fun – not only for children. Available in two variants: earthworm-shaped fruit variant with orange, apple and lemon flavours, as well as extra sour variant with apple flavour. The jellies contain natural fruit juices.

Disinfectant liquid

MOYA virucidal fluid is based on benzalkonium chlorides. It means that it is an effective agent for disinfecting hands and surfaces as well as objects and devices that come into contact with food. It is fully safe for people and environment – it has undetectable smell, is non-flammable and non-toxic. Another very important advantage of the product is its extremely long-lasting effect, even up to several hours. It is effective against bacteria, viruses and fungi. It comes in handy, pocket-sized bottles.