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Why is it worth joining the network of MOYA petrol stations?

As part of the cooperation, in addition to business support based on our experience, we provide partners with a number of extra benefits.

We provide our franchisees with individual principles of cooperation, tailored to the expectations and capabilities of both parties.

We are looking forward to doing business with you.

of working with MOYA

Attractive conditions for fuel purchase:
the quality of fuel types offered at MOYA stations, is guaranteed by the TankQ research programme.
Recognisable logo:
creativity, elegance, classics, serenity, trust - these are just a few of the good associations related to the classic blue colour, dominant in the logo and visualisation of the MOYA brand
Partner support:
experienced specialists and business consultants offer assistance and support in doing business from the very beginning of the cooperation.
Competitive offer that attracts customers:
interesting discounts and attractive loyalty programmes, available only at the network of MOYA petrol stations.
MOYA Firma fleet programme:
an opportunity to increase the customer portfolio of petrol stations.
Caffe MOYA food and beverage concept:
so the petrol station is something more than just a vehicle filling station! We are well aware how important the food and beverage offer is, and that it is the high-quality product offered at Caffe MOYA that makes our stations such a popular choice among drivers.
A furnished and fully equipped store:
Your customers will find there everything they need when travelling or on their way to work.
Marketing support:
Poland-wide advertising campaigns, loyalty programmes and a package of promotional activities tailored to the expectations of the target group.
Buying platform:
central discounts and dedicated purchasing platform help to effectively manage the station.
MOYA VIP discount programme:
the lowest fuel price at each filling guaranteed.
MOYA Development Academy:
training programme for station employees and owners, preparing them theory and practice-wise to run the business and manage effective sale.
refined diesel for all weather conditions.
Competitive billing system:
that quarantees a solid foundation, trade credits, deferred payment terms and opportunities for growth depending on your commitment and turnover.

Our franchisees

What makes us unique, is the individual and partnership-based approach to cooperation with our franchise partners. We value every entrepreneur who has the ambition to grow their business with us.

The number of partners who have more than one station in the MOYA colours – there are currently over 30 partners – is the proof that it is worth joining the MOYA franchise.

MOYA - visual identity of the station

As part of the cooperation, we provide our franchise partners with exterior and interior visual identity of the station.

Insurance offer for the station

Learn about the offer we have for those who want to insure a petrol station.

MOYA network!

Build your business based on franchise cooperation with the network of MOYA petrol stations. Contact our representative and learn more. 

If you are interested in joining the network of MOYA petrol stations, please contact the Regional Coordinator for your area
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