Highest-quality fuels

meeting all the standards 
applicable in Poland

Available fuel types

The fuel types available at MOYA network, feature the highest quality and reliability. Both petrol and diesel meet all the standards applicable in Poland and Europe. The composition of the products is selected on the basis of laboratory tests and long-term tests, and the entire supply network, from the manufacturer to the final user, is subject to strict control.


Unleaded 95
Unleaded 98





TankQ quality mark

TankQ quality mark offers drivers the highest-quality parameters of the fuel they fill up their tank with. This is possible thanks to periodic inspections by an independent laboratory of JS Hamilton Poland Ltd., which is one of the three institutions certified by the Polish Chamber of Trade

It is the research company that decides when and from which station it collects the samples, and also transports them to the laboratory all by itself. Each MOYA network station is inspected by the JS Hamilton laboratory on a regular basis. 

Better performance, less fuel consumption.

Less fuel consumption up to 4% 
Controlled quality 
More engine power.