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Automatic stations are the locations dedicated to car fleets only.

You can pay at the automatic stations with fuel cards only: MOYA Firma, TFC Powered by MOYA and other cards accepted at the network of MOYA petrol stations (UTA, DKV, Eurowag, Diesel24, CRT, E100, IQ Card).
The stations are located in transport-wise strategic places, along the main transit routes, near motorway junctions, to make it as easy as possible for the truck drivers to get to them. Key stations can be found on the exit roads to countries neighbouring with Poland: in Słubice (A2 motorway), Różyniec (A4 motorway), Gorzyczki (A1 motorway) or Szczecin (A6 motorway) and in Trójmiasto (Port and container terminal). 

The offer of MOYA automatic petrol stations includes diesel dispensed from quick-filling dispensers with a capacity of 120 l / min. and AdBlue. Selected automatic stations offer also windshield washer fluid from the dispenser. 

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Our sales department will answer all your questions. If you have not yet decided to participate in the MOYA Firma programme, contact your representative and get the necessary information.

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