MOYA petrol stations

We are present in all Voivodeships, 
along main transit routes, local roads 
and in the cities. 

Our stations

MOYA petrol stations are present in all Voivodeships, along main transit routes, local roads, in bigger cities and smaller towns. They offer the highest quality fuels: petrol 95, 98, LPG and diesel in the standard and the premium version – ON MOYA Power.
Truck and light commercial vehicle drivers can use the dispensers that offer fast fuel filling and access to the increasingly popular AdBlue fluid. Many MOYA stations are additionally equipped with car parks for trucks, car washes, compressors or vacuum cleaners

All network stations meet the highest standards of service and quality. Fuel quality at the stations under MOYA colours is guaranteed by the independent fuel testing programme – TankQ. MOYA is the fastest growing network of petrol stations in Poland. 

MOYA stands out on the Polish market by the fact that it is the only network of petrol stations that has three station types in its portfolio – traditional, with convenience store and Caffe MOYA, self-service MOYA express – located in attractive urban spaces and automatic, specially adapted to servicing fleet customers. 

Service stations 

Service petrol stations with convenience store and food and beverage Caffe MOYA concept. The offer is dedicated to individual and fleet customers.

Self-service stations 

Choosing MOYA express, you fill up your car quickly, inexpensively and safely with the highest-quality fuel. The offer is dedicated to individual and fleet customers.

Automatic stations

Automatic stations are the locations dedicated to car fleets only.