CSR - joint responsibility of enterprises, authorities and society

At Anwim S.A., we want to promote a sustainable lifestyle, have a positive impact on the environment, continue building a responsible and ethical organisation, and care for the natural environment.

We plan further, dynamic growth of our network of MOYA petrol stations under the shared values, with particular emphasis on sustainable growth and human capital. Satisfaction of the entire team, satisfaction of every customer, care for local communities and environment protection are the pillars of CSR activities that Anwim S.A. is involved in.
People and their needs are always at the centre of our attention, but we do not forget about our shared responsibility for the natural environment and our immediate surroundings. The CSR strategy of the Anwim Capital Group sets priorities in our daily operations, i.e., supporting the use of alternative fuel types in transport, counteracting climate change, reducing the consumption of raw materials and using alternative energy sources, promoting sustainable consumption, combating food waste, improving animal welfare, and protecting natural habitats and biodiversity.

Our activities
see some examples of our CSR projects

MOYA blood counts!

Every day, blood donation and haemotherapy centres are struggling with limited blood resources.

MOYA planted over 24 thousand trees

On 26 October 2021, Anwim S.A. volunteers carried out in cooperation with foresters the works aiming to restore forests after the 2017 hurricane. As part of the joint project, more than 24 thousand beech seedlings will be planted in the area of approx. 3 ha of the Runowo Forest District (Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship).

Cooperation with Zwolnieni z Teorii Foundation

As part of the "MOYA Polska" partnership programme for secondary school students, 55 projects were carried out on the broadly understood subject of local activity. 20 of them received mentoring support from 14 Anwim S.A. experts.